“It’s time to be conscious about unconscious bias.”
“It’s time to be conscious about unconscious bias.” 

Gender Equality Measure™

#SeeHer has developed a data-driven methodology called the Gender Equality Measure™ (GEM™) that identifies unconscious bias in advertising and programming and since its launch in 2016, GEM™ has become the industry standard metric quantifying consumer reaction to the portrayal of women in advertising and programming.

As a result, GEM™ is being used by marketers, researchers, agencies, networks, content creators and producers throughout the ad and media communities, and is being integrated into national advertisers' media strategy and implementation. The GEM™ metric quantifies consumer reaction to the portrayal of women in advertising and programming. It complements existing research methodology to help marketers improve planning choices and ROI, support researchers in their efforts to find insights that move their clients’ businesses, and to support the creation of realistic portrayals of women and girls in content and advertising.

The methodology measures perceptions of how females are portrayed in an advertisement or program by asking consumers how much they agree or disagree with four statements, which are then used to compile a GEM™ score:

I think highly of the way women are presented.
Women are presented in respectful manner.
It is inappropriate how women are featured.
Women are presented in a manner where they can be seen as good role models for other women and young girls.

To date, we have measured tens of thousands of ads using GEM™ that the nation’s top advertisers are using to as part of their measurement processes and increasingly, in media reviews. To help trans-national marketers, in late 2018 we expanded GEM™ to a global capability. 

Also, twice a year, GEM™ scores are captured for Nielsen top programs and member-selected broadcast and cable shows. The results prove that ads with positive GEM™ scores drive purchase intent by 26% among all consumers, 45% among women, while driving brand reputation by 11%. Ads which portray women and girls accurately are more socially acceptable and well-liked by both men and women. And ads that portray women accurately work better yet when paired with programming that also portrays women fairly. When ads that score high in GEM™ are aired on high-scoring programs, they deliver better sales than when airing on low-scoring programs.

To find out more about how to activate GEM™ for your brands, contact SeeHerStrategy@ana.net.

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